Beat The Competition Using Good Risk Evaluation Software

Beat The Competition Using Good Risk Evaluation Software

Competition for a risk and security consultant is warming up quickly, and informed consultants are searching for new ways to stand out from everybody else. Risk evaluation software tools can help you beat the competition to acquire more customers and provide greater stand-out worth in significantly less time.

Most evaluation software provides you checklists and pre-built templates, and that is about it. But Good Risk Evaluation Software takes each component of your reporting and investigation to a different level. Risk and security consultants using Good Risk's vulnerability evaluation software provide comprehensive findings, comprehensive corrective activities, and custom service which nobody else in the market can match and also.
Listed below are five ways Good Risk's evaluation software tool provides you with a massive advantage over the competition.

1) Provide Interactive Visual Information
With Good Risk Evaluation Software, your accounts are interactive--so that your clients can filter out your findings by type, priority, or place. The dashboard provides information visualizations that monitor compliance, danger, resolution advancement, along with other information trends.
Your clients can drill down to see specific details, photographs, and recommended corrective actions. Everything they want is available from the reports you supply.

2) Produce Reports in Record Time
Your reports require the great majority of your time on a job, and it is heavy work. Worst of all, a number of your clients attempt to negotiate from paying for your time on that task. However, what if you can reduce that time by 80 percent--and make better, more comprehensive reports?
The Good Risk program generates automatic reports in the information you catch during your inspection. There is practically no writing to perform, and you'll be able to cut your document time by several hours.

3) Grab Each Risk and Vulnerability
With Good Risk Evaluation Software tool, it is simple to catch every case of risk or vulnerability in a customer's premises. Rather than a high-level overview of your observations, you are able to pinpoint each knob, each sprinkler head, and each window frame that is from compliance. Use a floor plan, geolocation, or photographs to exactly put the location of every issue.
Your customers can get the most secure and most compliant centers within their business, because of your detailed evaluations. And you are going to be able to take action in less time than ever before.

4) Contain Detailed Corrective Actions
Corrective actions are among those things that your customers want most but practically no security consultant provides. You can now lead the business with a comprehensive, easy-to-use corrective actions program.
Good Risk software makes it effortless to provide recommendations for your customers so that they can understand what to do next. Allow them to make a budget, set due dates, and also assign tasks to other customers. This attribute can even allow you to upsell your own services.

5) Multiple programs
Although you specialize in a business, you most likely have clients in different sectors outside your field of expertise. Good Risk Evaluation Software incorporates ready-to-go templates for almost any business, and that means that you may offer the maximum quality evaluation to any client. Possessing a template, you would like? No problem--you can import your own templates and use them seamlessly with the evaluation tool.

Less Time Doing Earnings

Good Risk's vulnerability and hazard assessment tool allows you send comprehensive assessments and recommendations which nobody else in the business is providing.