Buy Mobile in 699 rs and Get Free LED bulb

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If you are looking for low-cost phones now are looking for better specification is nearing completion. Jaivi Mobiles-Majicon Impex Pvt Ltd's mobile division has launched a new feature phone Jivi Mobile. The price of these cheap phones ranging from Rs 699 to Rs 1199. Stylish design, made from a combination of the latest technology at affordable prices, better specification of the smartphone is Phones.

The launch of low-cost calls over the Jivi Mobiles CEO Pankaj Anand said, "We have launched smartphone users, taking account of the budget. These are great for those who can not afford expensive phone. So low price we have seven phone has introduced priced at Rs 699, 799, Rs 849, Rs 949, Rs 1099 and Rs 1199, Rs. our charger and phone BIS (ISI) recognition is holding. these phones 'make in India' products which our Delhi the plant will be located in. "
GV with every feature phone 'double double benefit savings scheme under the 9-watt LED bulb is given free. The Prime Minister of the scheme, the scheme 'light path' - 'light side' follows, which aims to save electricity and money is the common-man.