10 Indian Cricket Controversy that Shocked the Fans

10 Indian Cricket Controversy that Shocked the Fans

 A lot of cricket fans feel like it has a special place in the Indian cricket community.The marketing for cricket dictates that it is a gentleman’s game, but this does not always reflect on and off the field.

10 major controversies that have unfolded in Indian cricket

Some of the most outrageous and shocking Indian cricket cases are examined. These include corruption and cover-ups, off-field violence, racism, and match-fixing.

1. Match Fixing by Mohammad Azharuddin

Hansie Cronje was a South African cricket player who fixed their games against India.

A massive scandal is unfolding with Indian players being found guilty of fixing matches and bringing the game into disrepute. The biggest name involved so far has been that of Mohammad Azharuddin.

India's captain, who was also involved in match-fixing, introduced Hansie Cronje to bookmakers.

2. Manoj Prabhakar Match Fixing Stigma

Manoj Prabhakar is perhaps one of the most infamous fixes in Indian cricket

The ex-President of BCCI, Bindra came out with a statement about what Manoj Prabhakar told him about Kapil Dev asking him to throw a match in the late 1990s.

He [Dev] broke down in an interview, during the heated dispute between Karan Thapar and the various other people.

Prabhakar said that Sachin Tendulkar knew what was going on and so did Sanjay Manjrekar.Sachin did not comment and Sanjay denied any involvement.As a result, he was made the scapegoat and got banned from cricket.

3. Sourav Ganguly and Nagma Controversy

Sourav Ganguly had reportedly taken part in a Hindu ceremony before the 2001 Test Series against Australia.

"He went on to" perform a puja, as offered by the Indian film actress Nagma to married couples.

Sourav, Nagma, and Shikhar are said to have had a tumultuous relationship despite the latter two being in a stable relationship while living with Soupar.

4. Batsman Abhijit Kale

Hindwing Maharashtran former right-handed batsman Abhijit Kale was arrested and accused of bribing two national team selectors.

In 2003, the same people he tried to bribe accused him of what he tried to bribe them for.

Kale accepted his crime and was given a 1-year ban from the BCCI. The BCCI couldn't give him a more severe punishment, due to lack of veriļ¬able proof.

5. Monkey-gate Saga: Harbhajan Singh to Andrew Symonds

In the second Test between India and Australia in the 2007-08 series, something unknown happened that would change cricket forever.

When Singh was called to testify at the hearing in regards to the incident, would insist he never called Symonds a monkey. Match Referee Mike Procter found Harbhajan guilty and banned him for three Tests.

The umpire's decision in this case also caused controversy.

6. Jacob Martin, Human Trafficking scandal

Jacob Martin took money to help a youth improperly get access to play cricket in the UK.

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Reports show that a man found travelling with a fake passport. This man revealed that Martin is the one who arranged his trip for seven lakh rupees.

Martin spent some time in a Delhi prison but has not been sentenced yet.

7. IPL Spot Fixing Saga

In 2013, the Indian Cricket League (IPL) created controversy when three of its cricket players were found to be involved in spot-fixing.

Cricket's most popular tournament, IPL, is corrupt and disillusioned many fans in India.

S. Sreesanth was among those accused of dishonesty. This pace bowler admitted to throwing a no-ball for Rs. 40 lakh in a match against Kings XI Punjab

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BCCI banned Sreesanth for life but the Patiala Court reversed the sentence and dropped all charges. The BCCI has yet to overturn this decision

Ajit Chandila and Ankeet Chavan, who were also banned from playing cricket by the BCCI for ten years, were involved in spot-fixing.

8. Amit Mishra Assault Scandal

Amit Mishra on 25 September 2015 triggered a scandal that shocked the game

A woman in Bengaluru, India, accuses him of assault.

The woman claimed to be friends with Mishra for four years and often met him.

Bengaluru police arrested the man in response to a complaint. But then the woman who made the complaint withdrew her case. He was then freed of all charges.

9. Cricket Groundsman Pandurang Salgaonkar

Police caught a man in an undercover sting after finding out he was accepting bribes as a pitch curator.

A cricket groundsman from Pune, India was caught in an undercover operation. He has been illegally airing a live cricket match on his phone and it was broadcasted by one of India's leading news channels.

Pandurang was told to make the pitch bouncy, and the agent responded saying that it would be done.

It is against the BCCI rules for reporters to go on the cricket pitch. But he even gave them access to it.

An operation was done on the 2nd ODI between India and New Zealand before the game.

Later, the pitch curator in Maharashtra Cricket Association was convicted of harming the cricket field and was barred from entering the ground for six months.

10. Mohammad Shami cleared of Match Fixing

Mohammed Shami, a fast bowler on the Indian national cricket team, was accused of several infidelities in the early morning of 08 March 2018.