Find out 5 of the most shocking moments that happened on the cricket field

Find out 5 of the most shocking moments that happened on the cricket field


Cricketers give their all on the field, whether it is a fierce competition or a hilariously funny moment.

Cricket is an intense game of aggression, competitiveness, and passion that can result in moments of calmness. People may forget your individual performance on the field, but they will never forget your most embarrassing moment that happened there. Everyone will laugh, expect for you.

moments of mortification on the cricket field

1 Hassan Ali Getting Injured

Hasan Ali got injured when he was celebrating. Injuries in cricket are pretty common, but on a rare occasion, getting injured while you're celebrating does happen.

The recent Islamabad incident was 3 years ago when Pakistan toured Zimbabwe. Hasan Ali bowled the batsman, Ryan Murray, and celebrated by doing his "bomb" celebration but it was a low point for him.

Hasan Ali's celebrated his dismissal of Aussie Steve Smith aggressively, leading to him getting a niggle on his neck. Since he couldn't play in the next two games of the series, this is one of Ali's most embarrassing moments in cricket.

2. Glenn Maxwell left the ball in a very embarrassing moment

Glenn Maxwell is an entertainer who has gone to great lengths to gain satisfaction from the crowd, leaving the park with a spectacle hit.

An incident happened during the Big Bash League between Melbourne Stars v. Brisbane Heat involving Glenn Maxwell. He came to bat in the first over of the run chase and he was down the track, which resulted in him getting out bowled after misjudging an in-swinger by Ryan Duffield.

3 Rohan Mustafa Runs To Catch a Ball Nearly Naked

The T10 League was created to provide fans with entertainment. Although the league always provided entertainment, not all of it was what people expected. Recently Rohan Mustafa made news headlines, but not for good reasons.

One of the worst moments at a cricket game was when a player was shirtless. And to make matters worse, the ball came towards him and he had no way of stopping it.

Rohan Mustafa became popular on social media after the unfortunate incident. He was trying to catch a ball and change his shirt simultaneously and was ridiculed by the players and fans.

4. Shahid Afridi Moment

Former Pakistan cricketer Shahid Afridi has done a lot for his fans, both good and bad. However, one particular incident will always be in the minds of his fans. It is an embarrassing moment when we offer someone a handshake and they refuse it. This happened to Pakistan legend, Shahid Afridi with a sponsor.

Shahid Afridi, who was given an award by a female sponsor during a Pakistan and New Zealand ODI match, posed for pictures with the woman after receiving the award instead of shaking her hand.

Nobody knows if it was intentional or accidental, but a past comment from Shahid Afridi makes one wonder if he did it on purpose. However, this is still an embarrassing moment in cricket history and especially for the woman.

5.Usman Khawaja twists his abdomen guard

Usman Khawaja left everyone laughing after a game between Sydney Thunder and Brisbane Heat. The Australian batsman faced issues with his Abdomen Guard, causing him to have to quickly change it before getting ready for the next inning.

However, Usman Khawaja had other ideas when he decided to change his abdomen guard in the middle of the game. Most people would think that a player would take their discomfort to the dressing room.

Khawaja's pads, shoes, and trousers were removed during the game, which caused the game to be paused. All the commentators were wondering what exactly was going on.