Social Media Shares To Increase Ranking By Monarch Plugin

Social Media Shares To Increase Ranking By Monarch Plugin

Do you know in order to increase your website ranking you need strong backlinks and in 2018 it's not the easiest way to get backlinks.

You need to spend days and weeks to outreach webmasters and that too it's not the easy task to do. Some webmasters will respond and other's will not. So it's not the easiest way.

If you plan to get backlinks by buying and for that you need to spend $$$'s for a single backlink. Go with it if you have but know something there is another secret way to grow your blog authority and ranking simultaneously.

But how? It's time to say my secret weapon where I ranked most of my blogs through this simple method.

No more hype! It's Social media shares If you still didn't believe it then let me ask you one thing?

How come news websites like HuffingtonPost and Forbes are ranking higher on Google?

Do they build backlinks daily? Of course not but they do build social media links and get likes by getting thousands of shares.

We do that if the article seems to be good and interesting don't we?

Now you got it? Social media sharing is one of the best ways to get numerous of backlinks and the way to improve your website ranking.

But how to get social media shares?

If you are using WordPress blog you need to use Social media share plugin. There are many plugins available to download on directory.
Free plugins have limited features to use but if want to have all features to show social share plugins on all custom places then you have to use premium plugins. Elegant Themes has the best social media plugin which is Monarch.

Monarch is the premium plugin from Elegant Themes Company well Bloggers Need blog gives 30% discount for all lifetime plan which means you buy the plugin by paying one time and use it for a lifetime without renewing and also can receive regular updates with premium customer support.

Features of Monarch Social Share Plugin

It has 20 Social networks to show on your blog posts or articles.
You can add Social media sharing buttons in 5 different locations.
Has floating sidebars and you can show on above, side, or below the contents.
Automatic Popup allows you to show the social share buttons and can be shown by time delays I.e can be shown when the user reaches the bottom of the article or exits the article.
 Automatic-Flyin makes the social button to fly over the content to attract the users to get maximum shares.
Change button shapes, color, size, and hover effects.
You can display or hide social media names and also show number of shares count.

Wrapping It Up

It's not hidden secrets that social platforms are one of the legit ways to increase website ranking without spending a penny.

By using this social share plugin you can grow your website traffic and improve your site ranking. I'm not forcing you to use Monarch plugin so you can free social share plugin with limited features.